Meet John Rae - Director of Franchise Operations for Sears Garage Solutions

November 13, 2017

Meet John Rae - Director of Franchise Operations for Sears Garage Solutions

Every sunny weekend, John Rae, Director of Franchise Operations for Sears Garage Solutions, pulls out a map of Ohio. Spreading this map out in front of him, he closes his eyes and points his finger on a randomly selected location on the map and determines where he and his girlfriend are going to explore and have lunch that day.

It is this same venturesome and curious spirit that John brings to his career. Throughout his lifetime, John Rae has worked in various fields, some of which include marketing, service brokerage, and of course, franchising. A native of Columbus, Ohio, John graduated from Franklin University with degrees in both marketing and business management. After graduation, he co-owned a sports marketing firm, worked as a service broker, and eventually found his way to franchising. He credits his diverse career ventures to his self-proclaimed love of new challenges, the same attitude with which he approaches his weekend adventures.

While he has not been with Sears for long, the company work and culture has already made a long-lasting impression.

"I would say…the people within the office here are just very wonderful and supportive," John said. "I come to work with a smile and I leave with a smile. So, you know you're doing something right if that happens."

John views each day with Sears as a tremendous opportunity, one where he is able "to help franchise partners in their pursuit of operational excellence." He enjoys helping franchise owners "determine their own financial success and become leaders of their own company."

Fun Facts About John Rae

Best advice ever received:
"Do it right the first time"
Favorite sports team:
"The Ohio State Buckeyes, of course. I do enjoy hockey, and so I grew up a Red Wings fan, and when the Blue Jackets came into town I converted."
Most interesting place in Ohio you've explored:
"Especially this time of year, I like going down to Southeast Ohio, it's fun to watch the leaves change."