Path to Ownership

# Step Notes Method Time Elapsed Time Forms to Complete
1 Application You fill out the Franchise Application E-mail 1 day 3 - 5 days Franchise Application
2 Review You review the Sears Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Discuss roles of Sears and the Franchise Partner. Discuss and eliminate any potential barriers regarding next steps. Call 1 hr 1 day Sign FDD Receipt, Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
3 Validation You complete a Funding Application and a Letter of Intent. Call 1 hr 4-7 days Funding Application, Letter of Intent (LOI), Credit and Background Check
4 Introduction to the Sears brand facilitated by Franchise Development Team. Learn what it takes to be a Sears Franchisee. Webinar 1 hr 1 day
5 Discovery You travel to Ohio and meet with members of the Senior Leadership Team, Functional Departments Heads and opportunity to ask questions. Final determination made regarding partnership. Visit 8 hrs 2 days
6 Approval Final Application and Agreement Issued and Signed, payment received. You're part of the Sears family! E-mail 8 hrs 3-7 days Final Application and Franchise Agreement Signed
  Total 4-6 weeks